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Three Star BBQ Leaving Hamtramck

Walter & Danny
Myself & Danny on the final day at the Hamtramck location.

Three Star BBQ, a restaurant that has been opened since the 1930’s is shutting down.

It will be closing after this weekend and relocating to a new spot 18 miles away.

“It’s sad. Regulars come in that live in Hamtramck, the ones that live outside of Hamtramck they are very ecstatic.”

Danny Shadaia’s family owns the restaurant.

He says it’s bittersweet that after more than 80 years, Three Star Bar-B-Q is moving out of Hamtramck.

“Demographic changed, different culture moved in,” he explained. “Most of our customers migrated from the Polish community, Albanians, Yugoslavians, migrated from Hamtramck and moved to the suburbs. The obvious choice was to move with our customers.”

That’s why they are taking everything from the current location to a spot on Hayes near 19 Mile Road in Clinton Township.

The Shadaia family bought the restaurant more than 15 years ago, keeping the recipes and dishes the same.

“People love the ribs and rotisserie, dry rub ribs, no sauce on them, no steam, not boiled in water or anything like that.”

Three Star's Awesome Ribs
Three Star’s awesome ribs. You won’t find better, I promise you that!

For more than 10 years they’ve noticed business slowing down.

“It started declining day by day.”

By the last five years, they were really hit hard with fewer and fewer customers.

But they’re hoping to grow their business in a new location, making new customers and keeping their most loyal ones.

He added, “Some of these customers are like family.”

The restaurant will close on July 15.

Shadaia is hoping to open the Clinton Township location by mid-August.


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